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We are a bush walking group for the Lesbian community based in Sydney.


We cater for all age groups and levels of fitness.


Not only do we organise bush walks, but we also organise bike rides and other outdoor activities, as well as various social activities, including group tables at dances and theatre throughout the year.


WITB was started in May 1984 by Francoise, a keen bushwalker, who wanted a more social style of walks than those of mixed groups. She also wanted to encourage women to gain confidence in leading and doing other outdoor activities. We have continued this ethos.


Women in the bush members have walked behind our banner (designed by Beatrice) on a number of International Women’s Days


We have a three monthly program. If you would like to know more about activities, contact the email or phone number listed for that activity.




NOTE: PLEASE READ. Every Women and child participating in any activity conducted by Women in the Bush does so as a volunteer in all respects and as such, accepts responsibility for any injury or loss to themselves however incurred. The organization and its’ co-coordinators can not accept liability in regard to any injury, damage or loss suffered by any person while engaged in any activity of Women in the Bush.

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