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Saturday 24th June

A few of us met down at Circular Quay to enjoy the Wulugul walk around to Wynyard. We caught up with the rest of the group and ventured through the tunnels under Wynyard. The tunnels were originally built as platform 1 & 2.
After enjoying Dark Spectrum we meandered around the rocks and stumbled across some diggings under the Youth Hostel
Enjoy the photos.

Sunday 18th After brushing off the cobwebs for a couple of us and polishing up my new one, 3 of us rode from home (our own) and met for coffee at The Waterview, Bicentennial Park. Ms Sunshine was in full swing. After a natter we set off for home. My ride went along Parramatta River, into the wetlands of Bicentennial Park approx 30kms round trip. PS I forgot the selfies, so I have improvised and utilised the brush stroke of photoshop. Enjoy, Kathy

Saturday 10th June

Middle Harbour - Pipeline Track & Davidson Reserve, Garigal NP.

Four of us enjoyed a "real" bush walk on Saturday.

Little did we know that last Saturday's walk in the Garigal National Park would extend 4 kms over the advertised length and require 3,000 calories worth of effort! 


Following three adjoining trails, we traversed rocks, boulders, roots and creeks, and diverted 'off piste' for extra excitement (and effort) when the track we were following came to what seemed like a dead end. In fact, it was just that in places, the tracks just weren't well marked or maintained!


At times, there were sudden, sharp climbs (albeit offering nice views at the top!), and at other times, descents that required some sliding skills (by the seat of your pants!).


I'm glad to say that our leader, Kathy, was in full control and knew exactly where we were during the whole of our 6 hour walk! It was a great day.


Kate  🙂


I knew exactly where we were. Frida (my All Trails app) however, did become confused from time to time. After many "are we there yet" and lots of hunger pains we got to Davidson reserve for lunch, returning to the cars via Lyrebird track.

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