EASY                              Under 5 km, on tracks, relatively flat, suit beginners.



Easy to Medium              Under 10 km, uneven terrain, including  moderate  climbs and descents. Reasonable level fitness   




Medium                           Under 15 km, steep climbs and descents, good fitness required.


Hard                                Under 20km, narrow or eroded tracks, maybe some bush bashing, steep long climbs and descents,   good fitness and stamina.



Very Hard                     Over 6hours, difficult terrain, strenuous walking, steep and long climbs and descents, fit and     experienced walkers. Maybe overnight




NOTE: PLEASE READ. Every Women and child participating in any activity conducted by Women in the Bush does so as a volunteer in all respects and as such, accepts responsibility for any injury or loss to themselves however incurred. The organization and its’ co-coordinators cannot accept liability in regard to any injury, damage or loss suffered by any person while engaged in any activity of Women in the Bush.